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While FX Market is the largest and the most liquid market in the world, it is also one of the least transparent. What are some of those well kept industry secrets? How can you access the market in a way that suits your strategy and investment objectives? How to find institutional providers and FX prime brokers? What are industry’s biggest challenges? Our expert team with combined FX industry experience of over 200 years, will look under the hood and attempt to answer many of these and other questions via series of podcasts where we will be discussing all things institutional FX, fintech and evolution of electronic currency trading. Tune in to listen to prominent guests and keep up with latest institutional FX trends and news.
Natallia Hunik and Andrew Gillibrand dive deep into the world of micro investing, gamification of trading and the power of retail investors. What does the future bring for retail investors as technological advancements untap more new investment opportunities?
Natallia Hunik discusses challenges of fundraising for a hedge fund with Ronald Richter, co founder and managing partner of Bride Valley Partners, boutique advisory firm that provides best-in-class corporate finance, investment advisory and capital raising. Prior to Bride Valley Partners, Ronald held various roles in the alternative investments industry for the last twenty years.
Natallia Hunik and Praveen Kumar dive into the hot topic of evolving crypto regulations and what the firms should be doing to stay within the lanes as global crypto regulations are evolving.
They discuss various jurisdictions for setting up crypto business and its pros and cons.
Natallia Hunik discusses challenges of fundraising for a hedge fund with Laurence Yang, overachiever and successful hedge fund manager from Australia. 90% of hedge funds don’t raise more than $100m ever. So how to overcome and scale beyond that? What is the reason for this AUM plateau? This and more are covered in this episode.
Natallia Hunik discusses running an FX brokerages in Europe with Ricardo Evangelista, CEO of ActivTrades Europe. How do European brokers market to regions given regulatory restrictions, how do they navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape and how are European clients differ from the rest of the world. This and much more about running an FX brokerage in Europe in this episode with Ricardo.
Natallia Hunik discusses with James Cameron, Chief Risk Officer at iSignthis, independent card acquirer and e-money institution, publicly listed in the Australian and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ASX: ISX | FRA: TA8) since 2015the reasons behind the FX industry struggles with getting banking and payment channels. Besides, James discusses the rationale behind considering the FX business as an ultra high risk by banking institutions, and what can FX businesses do about it.
Natallia Hunik discussed all things FX and financial media with Andrew Saks. Andrew Saks is the Head of Research and Analysis at ETX Capital & Founder of Finance Feeds. Before starting Finance Feeds, Andrew worked at other media outlets covering the margin FX industry. He shared the reasons behind his decision to start Finance Feeds and what made him sell it.

Episode 10: What are the M&A activity trends in margin FX sector?

Demetris Tsingis, founder of  Fincap Advisors, has discussed M&A activity trends in the margin FX sector with Natallia Hunik. This episode covers the recent sale of Finalto by Playtech, discusses what multiples can one expect when exiting the FX business and if it’s a good time to sell the brokerage.
Dave Floyd, successful trader and fund manager, shares his life journey as a trader and how he was able to build a successful business. We talked about treating FX as an asset class, copy trading, investment opportunities in the space and his views on FX trading platforms.

Episode 7&8: Optimizing execution and scaling hedge funds

One of the toughest challenges for any hedge fund to overcome is figuring out how to scale the strategy. Jim Simons’ fund Renaissance Technologies, started in the commodities and futures markets, but could not scale its strategies in those markets past $1 billion AUM. FX is a very fragmented market and the challenge of scaling a strategy is even more relevant as your AUM grows. This episode discussed some of the most effective ways to scale, and optimize your FX trading strategies without compromising results.
Note: this episode is originally a panel discussion from FX HedgeFund Expo.

Episode 5&6: Turn-key hedge funds under a regulated umbrella

The umbrella fund structure makes it cheaper for investors to move from one sub-fund to another and also helps to reduce setup and maintenance costs for the investment manager. During this discussion, experts in the field will discuss various options for umbrella fund setups and weigh-in on the pros and cons of each solution, as well as diving deeper into the operational aspects of these structures.
Note: this episode is originally a panel discussion from FX HedgeFund Expo.

Episode 3&4: Technology for Currency Hedge Funds

With financial markets seeing trading costs drop dramatically over the years, many more hedge funds have entered the space. Additional entrants have brought with them more venues, more models and more technology innovation. Hedge funds greatly benefit from technology efficiencies by shortening the time-to-market, improving efficiency and margin management, decreasing trading costs and optimizing liquidity management. During this panel, experts from the field of technology will discuss technology solutions such as sophisticated front-office solutions that help achieve market-beating, risk-adjusted returns, as well as automated and integrated middle, and back-office infrastructures that deliver the operating and compliance efficiencies hedge funds need to control costs and maintain their profitability in an era of tightening fees.
Note: this episode is originally a panel discussion from FX HedgeFund Expo.

Episode 1&2: Currency Hedge Funds in 2020: Success stories and the best places to launch

FX market volatility has been suppressed by central banks for almost a decade. But 2020 is like nothing we have ever seen before: a global pandemic, geopolitical tensions and unprecedented government stimulus bills. With all these unknowns, we are looking at a very uncertain and volatile end to the second decade of this century with potential shifts in world power, US dollar dominance challenged and the role of the world’s institutions potentially changed forever.
Note: this episode is originally a panel discussion from FX HedgeFund Expo.

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