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How to monetize your trading experience with Dave Floyd

Dave Floyd, successful trader and fund manager, shares his life journey as a trader and how he was able to build a successful business. In this episode, we discussed about treating FX as an asset class, copy trading, investment opportunities in the space and his views on FX trading platforms.


  • Dave Floyd shared with the audience his background and success story. Major focus on how he has built a captive audience of people who follow and subscribe to his trading alerts and other services. He answer answered how he ended coming up with several strategies for monetization, and what was the thought process!
  • Dave shared his FX strategy – Is it algo or discretionary? Does he trade algorithmically? Has he ever capitalized on any arbitrage opportunities in the FX market? What does he think are the biggest deficiencies in the FX market? Is copy trading a global trend in FX? What is the best structure to get copy trading as a product to work?
  • Worldwide, passive investment portfolios dominate active ones:; Will the copy trading trend be a form of passive FX investment?
  • What platforms is Dave currently using to trade currencies? Any particular ones he thinks do a good job?
  • What is his advice to all traders out there who are looking to raise capital and build track records?
  • What are the top three lessons Dave learnt trading FX?
  • Why research and analytics is important to FX traders and how to research effectively without wasting time and getting lost?
  • How did Dave get into FX in the 1st place? 


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