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Operating retail FX brokerage in Europe – the path to success

Episode description:

Natallia Hunik discusses running an FX brokerages in Europe with Ricardo Evangelista, CEO of ActivTrades Europe. How do European brokers market to regions given regulatory restrictions, how do they navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape and how are European clients differ from the rest of the world. This and much more about running an FX brokerage in Europe in this episode with Ricardo.

Highlights for discussion:

  • Ricardo shared his journey – how he spent a significant amount of time in the FX brokerage space to eventually become a CEO of ActivTrades Europe. His goal as a CEO and the motivation that kept him to stay in the space.
  • What does ActivTrades do to retain its top talent in the FX industry? And why there is such a high mobility in the FX sector?
  • Marketing for retail FX traders. What types of marketing work best for retail operations?
  • Competition among retail brokers –  How often does ActivTrades conduct competitive analysis?
  • Does the recent Google restrictions on censoring FX advertisers (requiring validated financial license to target a region) help or hurt the end users?







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