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Rise of The Micro Fund

Episode description:

Natallia Hunik and Andrew Gillibrand dive deep into the world of micro investing, gamification of trading and the power of retail investors. What does the future bring for retail investors as technological advancements untap more new investment opportunities?

Andrew Gillibrand: CEO and Founder of Union, a Distribution Ecosystem for Alternative Investments. Formerly a manager, with a strong focus on the contrarian, Andrew is now a pioneer in the world of alternative investments, driving his vision for an industry ripe for disruption.

Highlights for discussion:

  • Andrew has spent the last part career in alternative asset management. How did he get an idea about starting Union? What prompted that? What inefficiencies he has noticed in the industry that prompted him to start his own company? And what is a micro fund?
  • Andrew’s technology is focusing on fund distribution. During FX Hedge Fund Expo 2020, Advanced Markets, the event organizer, has surveyed the participants about their biggest challenges when trying to raise funds and #1 cited reason was lack of personal network. How can Andrew’s platform help with that?

  • The asset management industry has undergone many shifts within the last few decades, from the rise of hedge funds to ETFs and tracking funds. But lately there has been massive disruption coming from the bottom – from retail users that can move the markets using crowd power, trade fractional shares and follow other successful leaders. Micro investing has taken market by the storm: real estate syndicates, fractional shares, works of art, wine, cars and much more. How are Micro Funds different and why would an investor consider their inclusion in a portfolio?
  • Fragmentation and volatility (or what used to be volatility ) make FX less attractive as an investment class than other asset classes. Does Andrew’s platform attempt to solve this problem?
  • What are the major challenges that FX fund managers face when trying to scale their strategies? 




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