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Should you trust FX media and review sites?

Natallia Hunik discussed all things FX and financial media with Andrew Saks. Andrew Saks is the Head of Research and Analysis at ETX Capital & Founder of Finance Feeds. Before starting Finance Feeds, Andrew worked at other media outlets covering the margin FX industry. He shared the reasons behind his decision to start Finance Feeds and what made him sell it.

In this episode, Natallia and Andrew discussed media coverage of the FX industry, its shortfalls and whether and to what extent we can trust them. They shared their insights about journalistic standards in the industry, discussed the pros and cons of the current coverage and uncovered interesting opportunities.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Major B2B media outlets for institutional FX – for example, there are more institutionally centered ones like FXWeek, eForex publication and also the ones covering the margin FX industry like Finance Magnates , Leaprate, FinanceFeeds, FNG that recently emerged.
  • Status quo of the current industry coverage. What are the existing news outlets covering the markets there and the reasons behind the shortage in the market.
  • The industry’s  journalistic standards such as accurateness, fairness, and objectivity. Why there is a lot less investigative journalism and analysis but more of the republishing of company news in the FX industry? And, can you really trust, and to what extent that you can trust what u see in the FX news sites?
  • The concept of investigative journalism and if it exists in the B2B FX space. Who did a good job in this industry.
  • Journalists today seem to be pressured to take a perspective in stories, express their own viewpoints, and take a more partisan approach in writing stories than in the past. Why this happens and if this applies to FX journalism?
  • On the retail side of things, there are in fact many alternative outlets like directories, forums (like forex factory) where traders find opinions, commentary and discussion. If we can trust them and what are the alternatives?

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